Snoring may seem like a problem without a solution, especially when it is getting in the way of precious quality sleep. Some people who snore often feel tired and sleepy during their normal waking hours. There are consequences for not getting enough sleep which may include:

  • Irritability
  • Lack of productivity during working hours
  • Excessive sleepiness

Everyone deserves restful sleep. VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is a snoring remedy that can help you achieve peaceful sleep.

With the VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece you'll experience a quiet & restful sleep naturally the very first night. Experience an improved sleep cycle and better quality sleep. A restful night's sleep is important to your good health and productivity.

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How it Works

Partial obstruction of the upper airway is the cause of most snoring. This blockage causes the airflow to become more turbulent and forces the vibration of nose and throat tissue. VitalSleep is a stop snoring mouthpiece that gently moves your lower jaw forward to open your airway and stop your snoring.

"VitalSleep is a quality product. It will significantly decrease your snoring at night. It has been designed with comfort in mind and is easily adjustable. You will feel more refreshed in the morning after an uninterrupted night of sleep guaranteed."

Dr. Richard Koffler M.D.
Board Certified PMMR

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